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Uppity Liberal College Students Think Their Letters to Obama Mean Something


What is it with students at premiere colleges these days? First Standford’s student body rises up against marriage discrimination, and now Yale Law School kids are penning an open letter to U.S. military recruiters (and, more appropriately, President Obama) to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Don’t you people have classes to study for?!

Last year, Yale’s LGBT org Outlaw protested the recruiters’ participation in a jobs fair. This year, there will be no such demonstration — only because Yale moved the fair to late August, when students weren’t even on campus. The university, meanwhile, happily accepts federal funds — something it would almost certainly have to give up if it kicked recruiters off campus.

Which would be a damn shame, because they we’d have so many fewer stories from our friends at Yale who slept with such men in uniform. Yes, really.

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  • rob

    Stanford isn’t an Ivy League.

  • Cane

    Why are you hating on people for trying to be advocates to our cause? There is nothing wrong with people advocating for LBGTQ rights (even if the are smarter or more privileged than you (editors)).

  • emma

    No D in Stanford, and law school isn’t college…

  • Kyle

    Being sarcastic about the efficacy of letter-writing, especially in your headline, is stupidly counter-productive.

  • Andrew

    It’s a lot smarter than Marching in Washington. More effective, too.

  • schlukitz

    Andrew = Man on a mission.

    Actually, it’s more like a Crusade.

  • AlanInSLC

    Wasn’t it this site that was not too long ago asking its readers to write letters and make phone calls to our local, state and federal representatives to try to get DADT repealed? So why is it such a horrible thing that these college kids are doing the same?

    I’m a little perplexed.

  • Rick

    Was Obama uppity prior to attending his Ivy league school?

  • schlukitz


    I’m asking myself the same question?

  • Popsnap

    Yeah, since liberal college students don’t know shit, huh? Im sick and tired of people saying this. Younger people are what propels the nation and the world forward. Yes, they may be slightly idealistic, but they are standing up for what they believe in, and our country would be a neo-fascist far right state by now. We NEED young, wild, sexual, compasionate liberals and older, wiser, traditional conservatives for thise country- and the world- to function properly.

  • Ricky

    I think that college students (and others) writing letters to politicians is a good thing!!!

  • Ricky

    @Popsnap: Liberals are not necessarily “wild” and “sexual”! I’m a liberal AND an asexual.

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