“HIV infections jumped 8-fold over the past few years in parts of China among gay and bisexual men, according to new data from southern China. Published in Nature, the study found that the proportion of HIV-positive women of child-bearing age doubled in the past 10 years and researchers warned the disease was moving from high-risk communities into the wider population.” [Reuters]

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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    That is sad for China. Why is that any major HIV/AIDS news is ignored by the U.S. Corporate and Corporate-controlled Gay Media when it is local news. You have missed the ball on some pretty major headlines in Research for a Vaccine and Newly Infected statistics.

    Maybe it’s a Buzzkill to your bare-backing, crystal-snorting ways…

  • DairyQueen

    When your government buries it’s head in the sand and doesn’t do much prevention what do you expect?
    I feel bad for those people, and it’s just going to go higher and higher. Look @ the US in the 80’s and early 90’s, India and Africa for what happens when governments don’t do anything. It’s shameful.

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