Urban Outfitters Sells Tapestry Reminiscent Of Gay Concentration Camp Uniform; Cue Collective Cringe

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.46.26 PMPurveyors of overpriced hipster crap Urban Outfitters are no strangers to pissing people off — just ask any one of the many designers whose work has been ripped off, repackaged and resold.

But now the chain is in hot water for featuring a tapestry (right) that looks uncomfortably similar to the uniform the Nazis made gay prisoners wear (far right). Gray and white stripes, upside-down pink triangle. Come on, guys.

ADL National Director and Holocaust survivor Abraham H Foxman said: “Whether intentional or not, this gray and white stripped pattern and pink triangle combination is deeply offensive and should not be mainstreamed into popular culture.

“We urge Urban Outfitters to immediately remove the product eerily reminiscent of clothing forced upon the victims of the Holocaust from their stores and online.”

In 2012, Urban Outfitters released a t-shirt with a yellow Star of David, evoking another image from the Holocaust.

They also sold a “vintage looking” Kent State sweatshirt with paint splatters that looked eerily like blood. Kent State was the site of a gruesome shooting in 1970 that left four students dead.

It really makes you wonder what the product approval process is like up in the corporate offices.

h/t: Pink News