Govt. To Allow Civil Unions

Uruguay Getting Even More Gay

You are gay, indeed! Uruguay’s government came closer to legalizing civil unions.

Uruguay will legalize civil unions for homosexuals and heterosexuals next month, making it the first Latin American nation to treat gay and straight couples alike, a lawmaker said.

Deputies passed legislation allowing gay and straight couples to form civil unions after living together for at least five years.

“This recognition of the legal status of couples…recognizes the legal status of homosexual couples, which gives it a completely new dimension,” said Edgardo Ortuno, a member of the center-left ruling party.

Before it can be applied, senators must consider the law again because some revisions were made to the document. Ortuno said he expects it to take effect by mid-December.

The measure will grant unionized couples the same inheritance, social security and parenting rights afforded married couples.