Uruguay Set To Legalize Gay Marriage

Uruguay’s lower house of Congress overwhelmingly approved a bill on Tuesday making all marriages equal. The measure will move to the senate where President Jose Mujica has a ruling majority. Mujica plans on signing the bill into law early next year.

According to the AP:

The bill also would clarify rules for adoption and in-vitro fertilization, and eliminate the words “marido y mujer” (husband and woman) in marriage contracts, referring instead to the gender neutral “contrayentes” (contracting parties).

Should the bill pass the Senate, which it is expected to do, and Mujica signs it into law, Uruguay would become the second Latin American country to legalize gay marriage — following in Argentina’s footsteps from 2010. Mexico recently ruled that the entire country must recognize same-sex unions performed in Mexico City, where gay marriage has been legal since 2009.

“This is not a homosexual or gay marriage law,” Julio Bango, one of the bill’s authors, told the BBC. “It is a measure to equalize the institution independent of the sex of the couple.”