U.S. Backs A Gayer U.N. (Finally!)

The United States is quietly switching its position on the acknowledgment of gays here on planet Earth: for years, gay organizations have attempted to achieve “consultative status” with the United Nations, which would allow them to voice opinions on issues concerning the rights of LGBT people. Currently there is no such organization with the UN. Obviously.

In the past the US has always voted against giving giving these organizations official recognition; no word on why our beloved country has suddenly changed its mind. Whatever the reason, we’re thrilled, as are the millions of oppressed people in countries where there is no one to stand up for their rights. We presume George Bush is asleep at the wheel again, letting other people do his job for him, and someone decided to sneak this one in. Shh. Don’t wake him up.

U.S. backs U.N. role for gay group