AIDS, Other Dough Being Diverted...

U.S. Funding Anti-Gay Ugandans?

The United States should keep a closer eye on its international funds. Activists allege that AIDS and other social funds are fueling anti-gay organizations in Uganda and other parts of Africa.

Not only have are funds not being spent where they should, but they’re being funneled into openly homophobic organizations. Some of that dough comes directly from the President’s Emergency Fund for Aids Relief.

Cary Alan Johnson of The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commissions says,

What we do know, is that few PEPFAR dollars are being used to fight HIV among gay men in Africa.

Not only have African men who have sex with men been largely ignored with regard to HIV prevention services, but avowedly homophobic organizations are receiving funding for programs that will only further stigmatize homosexuality. This has to stop.

One cleric who’s benefiting from American money just set up an explicitly anti-gay gang. He and his homies plan on finding – and eliminating – Uganda’s gay “threat”.