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US House candidate pardoned by Trump compares gay people to pedophiles

Angela Stanton-King
Angela Stanton-King (Photo: Twitter)

A former reality TV star turned US House candidate in Atlanta has lashed out on the subject of LGBTQ rights.

Republican Angela Stanton-King is running for Georgia’s 5th Congressional Seat. She qualified last Friday to run against US Representative John Lewis: the state’s most senior Democrat and a longtime LGBTQ ally.

Stanton-King appeared in the BET docuseries From the Bottom Up and wrote a book in 2012 entitled, Life of a Real Housewife.

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She was pardoned by President Donald Trump in February for a 2004 conviction on federal conspiracy charges for her reported role in a car theft ring. She served a six-month home confinement sentence in 2007 over the charges, recently telling the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I turned my life around. I have completely redeemed my life.”

On the same day she qualified for her run last week, she took to Twitter to promote some of her views. This included a tweet on the advance of LGBTQ rights. It shows someone holding a rainbow gun to someone’s head, demanding: “Let me f### your 8 yo kid, pedofobe.”

Stanton-King went on to tweet: “America can accept a transsexual that changed their whole identity/sex but can’t accept a Felon who has changed their whole lifestyle…”

She summed up her views as “Pro GOD, Pro LIFE, Pro WOMAN, Pro AMERICA, Pro TRUMP and PRO COMMON SENSE.”

On Saturday she again returned to the subject of pedophilia, using an image of Zaya Wade, the trans daughter of former basketball player Dwayne Wade.

“PEDOPHILIA,” Stanton-King tweeted. “Gay means Men having sex with men. If you wouldn’t want your 12 yr old daughter advertising that she enjoys sex with men/boys why your 12 yr old son? This is confusion, pedophilia, and sexual exploitation wrapped up in acceptance.”

Yesterday she took to Twitter to defend traditional gender roles and to praise masculine men.

“I am a woman that loves men and appreciates masculinity. We need our men. We need our sons. We need our brothers. Our men are not women and Our boys are not girls.”

Among those to criticize the tweets was gay, Georgia council member Antonio Brown.

Responding to Stanton-King’s initial tweet with the rainbow gun, Brown said: “Hate like this will never be supported in our communities. This is a true reflection of the dilusional rhetoric fueled by political warfare & is on the opposite spectrum of equality & humanity. But, we must meet this conscious injustice with love & unconditional understanding.”

Democratic Rep. Lewis was elected in 1987. Late last year, the 80-year-old has revealed that he has been battling stage-4 pancreatic cancer but is still running for re-election.

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Stanton-King told 11 Alive last week she believed it was time for Lewis to step back.

“With all respect to Congressman Lewis, when I think about him, I always have that image in my mind when he was on the Selma Bridge,” she said. “The truth of the matter is, with all that he has given towards the fight for civil rights – which we greatly appreciate – these are no longer the days of marching over the Selma Bridge.”