US Pol. Opposes PR Nup. Vote

It’s a hot one for Puerto Rican politicos today.

The House of Representatives are set to vote today on whether to pass a ban on gay marriage and other forms of civil unions. If the Representatives decide to remove the civil union language – “”No other union, independently of its name, denomination, place of origin, jurisdiction or similarity with marriage, will be recognized, or validated as marriage.” – then the bill goes back to the Senate. If they decide to keep the ban – well, then it goes forward.

American politician Jose Serrano of New York, however, hopes that the Puerto Ricans can contain themselves – or risk pissing off Congress:

…Serrano says that passage of such an amendment would put Puerto Rico among those groups that promote hateful and discriminatory measures which might not be seen in a good light by the United States congress.

“This doesn’t help me to seek assistance for Puerto Rico,” he said during a telephone interview with El Nuevo Dia, “Puerto Ricans cannot ask demand equality and at the same time try to create discrimination.”

Serrano told the paper that such a measure would make it difficult to ask openly gay Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), the chairman of the Financial Services Committee, for assistance indicating that Frank was opposed to such discriminatory measures.

Money – the international language of democracy. God bless it!