US Pol. Opposes PR Nup. Vote

It’s a hot one for Puerto Rican politicos today.

The House of Representatives are set to vote today on whether to pass a ban on gay marriage and other forms of civil unions. If the Representatives decide to remove the civil union language – “”No other union, independently of its name, denomination, place of origin, jurisdiction or similarity with marriage, will be recognized, or validated as marriage.” – then the bill goes back to the Senate. If they decide to keep the ban – well, then it goes forward.

American politician Jose Serrano of New York, however, hopes that the Puerto Ricans can contain themselves – or risk pissing off Congress:

…Serrano says that passage of such an amendment would put Puerto Rico among those groups that promote hateful and discriminatory measures which might not be seen in a good light by the United States congress.

“This doesn’t help me to seek assistance for Puerto Rico,” he said during a telephone interview with El Nuevo Dia, “Puerto Ricans cannot ask demand equality and at the same time try to create discrimination.”

Serrano told the paper that such a measure would make it difficult to ask openly gay Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), the chairman of the Financial Services Committee, for assistance indicating that Frank was opposed to such discriminatory measures.

Money – the international language of democracy. God bless it!

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  • An Other Greek

    not to mention, Serrano is ULTRA-progressive, and would never be involved with such a measure…

    The fact that he is not outright condemning the measure, instead of talking money about it, still shows the prevalence of homophobia in Latino communities (and all others, but in this case…)

  • Maverick69

    Well Said Greek.

    Meanwhile, it’s ok for uncles to strip naked and ask what do you think?

    20 years later, I’d say “Joe, get it hard first then ask”

    Yes, this gay Puerto Rican has issues.

  • hisurfer

    “No other union, independently of its name, denomination …” Have these state laws ever been challenged based on the Establishment Clause /First Amendment grounds? It seems like such an obvious approach to me, yet no one can ever seem to explain to me why it isn’t.

  • Meeg

    whatever, how many states are there in the union that have bans on gay marriage??? i think its obnoxious to single out this vote in Puerto Rico and say that it’s unamerican.

  • Disgusted American

    Well IF PR passes this..I for one will NEVER go there…another place on my list to Boycott..along with Half of the states in the United states…Im sick of all this bigoted,discriminatory BS!

  • leomoore

    Maybe euros would carry more weight with them.

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