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U.S. Supreme Court Perfectly Happy Letting the Miiltary Discriminate


The White House. Congress. And now the U.S. Supreme Court! Every single branch of government remains perfectly complicit with the U.S. military kicking out gay folks!

Thousands of court cases are appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, but the justices hear fewer than 100 every year. On the list of Go Aways? A case challenging the legality of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Some 12 gay servicemembers who were kicked out sued Defense Secretary Robert Gates to have the law overturned, but so far no court has sided with them; the most recent decision, from a federal appeals court in Boston, threw the case out, which prompted plaintiff James E. Pietrangelo II to appeal to the Supreme Court. All along, meanwhile, the Obama administration has been supporting lower court rulings that held the policy was A-OK.

The Court’s decision not to hear the case isn’t surprising; it regularly defers military matters to, well, the military and our commander-in-chief. And now that a courtroom methodology to repeat DADT has failed? Our only hope is to get Barack Obama (who wishes you a happy pride!) or Congress to do the right thing.

Thank goodness Obama is a friend to gays, right?