U.S.A. = Fag Nation ?

If there’s one thing we love about America, it’s free speech. Any dumb fuck can say (almost) anything and get away with it.

After the jump, experience a fine example of free speech: a Fred Phelps follower explaining how gays run America. Except he calls us “fags” and “feces eaters.” Bigots say the sweetest things, don’t you agree?


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  • Gtsanity

    Who eates feces my God these people have imaginations that out of this world

  • Fecal Eater

    I eat feces. What’s wrong with that? they’re delicious! yum yum yum. mmm feces! I mostly like rabbit feces, tehy travel well in those little pellets, so you cna snack on teh go. sheep and deer make bigger pellets which can be good at teh movies, people will think you’re eating those milk ball things. but you have something so much tastier! Sometimes, for dinner i like to sit down and eat a big elephant turd.

  • dustin


    i don’t know if i should laugh or cry…

    ohkay sorry, elephant turds at dinner.
    i can’t handle it.
    i’m laughing…

  • Martini-boy

    Oh my!

    “Romeo, Romeo: where’s your feces, Romeo?”

    What a foul mouth!

  • headbang8

    Assistant secretaries of commerce and ambassadors to Romania? That’s hardly dominating the administration (unless you count the closet cases)

    This really shows how frightening it is to be gay in America. Few other places on earth are gays as routinely vilified as here in the USA. I have lived abroad for most of my adult life, and had to return to the USA to experience homophobia, directly and at first hand.

    The comments about eating faeces are laughable. He should check out the activities of his straight brethren. Does this guy not have the internet, or what?

    It is a bad, bad time in the United States for those of us who celebrate love as the greatest of virtues.

  • chris

    I like people to shit in my mouth. Anyone interested?

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