“Republican Sen. John McCain envisions a November victory built in part around attracting a large number of the millions of voters who turned away from Sen. Barack Obama‘s promise of change during the historic Democratic primary campaign. Buoyed by polls showing a quarter or more of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s supporters planning to back McCain, his advisers have already started wooing the white working-class voters and women who made up the bedrock of her coalition. They plan to echo and expand the former first lady’s critiques of Obama: that he is out of touch with Middle America and too unseasoned to be president.” [MSNBC]

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  • fredo777

    They can “echo and expand” her criticisms all they wish, but at the end of the day Johnny Mac still doesn’t have the same goals in mind that Clinton did. Defecting to his side is voting against what you claimed to value in Clinton’s platform.

    Talk about a bass-ackward move.

  • todd

    1/4 of Hillary supporters are Rush Limbaugh listeners.

  • emb

    Fredo, that was extremely insightful!

  • fredo777

    Thanks, EMB. I make a little sense every now + again. ; )

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