Frivolous lawsuit

Usher is being sued for allegedly exposing a male sex partner to herpes

The ridiculous Usher/herpes saga continues.

The R&B singer was just slapped with a (totally frivolous) lawsuit by three people–one man and two women–who all claim they had sex with him (at different times) back in 2012.

Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom is representing the individuals. Bloom is best known for being Gloria Allred’s daughter and for recently representing Kathy Griffin during the whole bloody Trump head publicity stunt.

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On Monday, Bloom tweeted:

At the press conference, a woman named Quantasia Sharpton, who is not actually a part of the B.S. lawsuit but who is apparently tagging along for the ride, appeared with Bloom.

Sharpton said she was celebrating her 19th birthday at an Usher concert when she was contacted by Usher’s security. Though she later testing negative for herpes, she still “feels violated.”

Of the three people actually suing Usher, Bloom says only one of them has tested positive for herpes, but that doesn’t matter. The fact that Usher may not have disclosed whether he had an STD before allegedly hooking up with them is the issue.

“No one in America, not even a popular celebrity, is above the law,” Bloom said. “And everyone, even ordinary people who find themselves swept away by a superstar, has the legal right to be respected, which includes being warned about STDs.”

Bloom went on to say she doesn’t personally know if Usher has herpes, but she hopes, for everyone’s sake, that he doesn’t. (Either way, she’s still getting paid for taking on the case.)

“We hope the reports are not true,” she stated. “We hope that Mr. Raymond is negative and that this can all be cleared up quickly. We hope that he has not knowingly endangered his sex partners.”

Usher’s rep has declined to comment on the allegations.

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