UT Lesbian Beaten By Men Who Dragged Her Into Their Truck


Joining the shameful list of gay-bashings we’ve seen in the past two weeks is the assault on Kristen Cooper, a student at the University of Texas San Antonio, who says she was beaten by two men because she is a lesbian.

The men grabbed Cooper and dragged her into their truck while she was waiting for a ride outside a Halloween party. Once inside the truck, they began punching her and shouting anti-gay slurs.

Cooper told San Antonio’s KENS5, “It was bad, it hurt really bad, it was like full fist and I tried to fight them off, but I couldn’t.” Doctors have told Cooper she has a concussion, contusion and whiplash, in addition to the bruises covering her body.  “I’m just still in shock and I’m trying really hard not to cry,” she says. “But nothing like this should happen to anybody.”

Well, maybe to the guys who did this. Isn’t that what Texas justice is all about?

Source: KENS 5 via Towleroad