UT School Bans, Then Allows Same-Sex Singing Valentines

singing-telegramA Utah school has reversed a decision to ban the delivery of singing valentines to same-sex crushes.

Last week, students at Copper Hills High School in West Jordan, Utah, were told they could donate to the school choir and have a member deliver a tune to a recipient of their choice—so long as the object of their affection was of the opposite sex.

“Sorry, no same-sex delivery,” read a flier distributed throughout the school.

Students complained the rule was discriminatory and tantamount to bullying. Dylan Lukes, co-president of Copper Hills’ new gay-straight alliance said the fliers “upset a lot of the student body.”

Now Copper Hills principal Todd Quarnberg says the flier was a “mistake” made by choir students and that students can send a song to anyone they’d like today. “It was a misunderstanding,” Quarnberg explained. “They don’t care if you’re gay or lesbian. It was just miscommunication.”

Our hunch is the original edict came from Quarnberg, who changed his mind when there was blowback. We can’t see really see high-school choir members having a problem with a little gay serenading.