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UT State Rep. LaVar Christensen Ditches Bills To Ban Gays From Signing Contracts

Utah State Rep. LaVar Christensen — who made a stunted effort to ban gays from signing legal contracts like power of attorney, tried getting the state law books to say only heterosexual marriage is a “fundamental unit of society”, and banning any local non-discrimination ordinance that protects LGBTs — is dropping his stupid bills. How come?

Because he “would like to have time for that dialog to continue so there is no confusion, misunderstanding or unintended consequences in the bills as they may ultimately be adopted.” Indeed, the State House’s legislative session is just too damn busy to waste any time with his egregious abuse of power.

But hold your faux applause for Brandie Balken, executive director of the group Equality Utah, who appears to be letting Christensen off the hook.

While Balken is undoubtedly pleased to see Christensen’s anti-gay bills disappear, her reasoning is wholly flawed: “We agree that there are more pressing issues to be addressed this legislative session than narrowly defining the family, restricting the right to contract and stripping non-discrimination protections passed by 11 municipalities.” No, Brandie. It’s not that there are “more pressing issues.” Is that’s Christensen’s issues are irrelevant, harmful, and don’t deserve to see the light of day. Can professional activists stop playing this dance where they pretend pro-bigotry legislation is something that should be openly debated? It’s not that the House doesn’t have time for the bills; it’s that Utah, or anywhere else in America, shouldn’t even tolerate their introduction. (Unless we want to give her the benefit of the doubt that the rest of the quote she gave to a reporter wasn’t included?)