UT State Senate Committee Tables Anti-Discrimination Bill Because It Included Protection For LGBTs


Salt Lake City might have been named the Gayest City in America, but if certain politicians and special-interest groups have their way, it won’t be nominated again next year.

A Utah state Senate committee shot down SB 51, introduced by Sen. Ben McAdams, a statewide workplace anti-discrimination law that included language protecting the LGBT community. The committee voted to table the measure 4-2, because some members worried the law would impinge upon employers’ rights.

Oh yes, the plight of the poor business owner, steamrolled into having to hire qualified gay people!

Lest you think the senators were just voting their conscience, lobbyists from the anti-gay group United Families Utah were there to make sure they remained lockstep with their agenda. “We’re observing across the nation that in courtrooms and classrooms, that sexual rights are being protected over religious rights,” UFU’s Archie Laura Bunker told KSL 5.

The committee’s chambers were thankfully also filled with LGBT activists demanding equality. “Imagine living in a world where your religion, where age or your race would come in to play,” said Jeremy Cunningham, who explained he was fired when his employer discovered he was gay. “On the day I was fired, that was my world.”

If you think lawmakers are there to legislate the will of the people, think again: Polls show 75% of Utahans support job-protection laws that include gays and lesbians. Maybe just not the Utahans who voted for those four committee members.

Photo via Marathon Pundit

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