UT State Senate Committee Tables Anti-Discrimination Bill Because It Included Protection For LGBTs


Salt Lake City might have been named the Gayest City in America, but if certain politicians and special-interest groups have their way, it won’t be nominated again next year.

A Utah state Senate committee shot down SB 51, introduced by Sen. Ben McAdams, a statewide workplace anti-discrimination law that included language protecting the LGBT community. The committee voted to table the measure 4-2, because some members worried the law would impinge upon employers’ rights.

Oh yes, the plight of the poor business owner, steamrolled into having to hire qualified gay people!

Lest you think the senators were just voting their conscience, lobbyists from the anti-gay group United Families Utah were there to make sure they remained lockstep with their agenda. “We’re observing across the nation that in courtrooms and classrooms, that sexual rights are being protected over religious rights,” UFU’s Archie Laura Bunker told KSL 5.

The committee’s chambers were thankfully also filled with LGBT activists demanding equality. “Imagine living in a world where your religion, where age or your race would come in to play,” said Jeremy Cunningham, who explained he was fired when his employer discovered he was gay. “On the day I was fired, that was my world.”

If you think lawmakers are there to legislate the will of the people, think again: Polls show 75% of Utahans support job-protection laws that include gays and lesbians. Maybe just not the Utahans who voted for those four committee members.

Photo via Marathon Pundit

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  • Steve

    I was very confused by the article and headline until I remembered that “table” in the US means the exact opposite of what it means everywhere else. Other than that, this is rather unfortunate.

  • MikeE

    @Steve: as far as I know, the meaning is the same in the US as well.. “to table” means to place it up for debate or consideration. “To shelve” is to set aside for later.

    no one puts something aside by putting it on a table. when you put it on a table it is because you are going to use it.

    To “table a motion” means to bring forth a motion.

    Queerty are just showing a poor level of literacy.

    The headline should read “UT State senate committee shelves anti-discrimination bill”.

  • rodca


    Verb (used with object)

    Parliamentary Procedure

    a. Chiefly U.S. to lay aside (a proposal, resolution, etc.) for future discussion, usually with a view to postponing or shelving the matter indefinitely.

    b. British . to present (a proposal, resolution, etc.) for discussion.Verb (used with object)

  • GreatGatsby2011

    @MikeE: Here in the States “to table” means “to postpone discussion of”. I don’t see the logic behind it either, but language can be funny that way.

  • MikeE

    honestly, I think some illiterate government goon misused the word and it was “adopted” with its new inverted meaning.

    there is really no good reason for illiteracy.

    “to table” is to place in front of you, to prepare it for debate.
    “to shelve” is to put away, to remove from debate.

    saying night is day and day is night won’t make it so. illiterate americans.

  • tjr101

    In US politics when the phrase ” to table” is used it actually means the measure is being shelved and isn’t good news if you’re a supporter of such legislation.

  • iDavid

    Christianity——-Welcome to the Anti-Christ.

  • hendrich

    Its so funny how you right wing americans are obsessed with all things gay.

  • the crustybastard

    “We’re observing across the nation that in courtrooms and classrooms, that sexual rights are being protected over religious rights.” – Professional Christian Bigot Laura Bunker

    What is it about Christianity that renders Christians into delusional, compulsive liars?

    Fortunately, the fastest growing religious affiliation in America is “none.” When the pendulum swings, it’s gonna swing back hard, and I will have no pity for them.


  • iDavid

    @the crustybastard

    That’s what happens when, save Jesus, you pledge your soul to the Anti Christ.

  • divkid

    don’t worry, because in the long run, when, for whatever reason, their forced to change policy, you can be sure some golden plate is gonna be dug up that will reveal they were *for* equality all along.
    trust the angel moroni, he knew what he was doing, he’d never let the mormons appear stupid. never.

  • divkid

    * …THEY’RE forced to change policy…
    (i know, anal much)

  • kendoll

    They gayest city in America?

  • Cam

    Proves the lie that the Mormons have been struggling to hide. Their church used to deny blacks full membership until around 1980. Their church is still just as bigoted.

    They would rather deny people all people protections than give up their bigotry against one group.

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