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Utah company releases officially gay vodka “Five Husbands”

Today in booze news: a Salt Lake City distillery has launched its own gay-themed vodka called “Five Husbands.”

The label features five scantily-clad men holding roosters over their groins, along with a Pride Flag so as not for anyone to mistake the label’s support for queer rights. The new vodka comes from Ogden’s Own Distillery, the manufacturer of the controversial Five Wives Vodka, which attracted criticism for its label depicting women holding cats over their groins. Ogden’s Own actually got banned from Idaho over that label, though the state eventually backed down over the threat of a lawsuit.

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The release of Five Husbands comes with a chaser of irony: the distillery is based out of Utah, noted as one of the most conservative and homophobic states in the country. In fact, Ogden’s Own is the official liquor sponsor of Salt Lake City Pride.

We have to hand it to those Mormons: they know how to party with multiple wives or multiple husbands.