Utah Gay & Lesbian Ski Week Cancelled

While the Sundance Film Festival is a go, despite boycott threats, the decade-long Utah Gay & Lesbian Ski Weekend, which would have been last weekend, was canceled by organizers who didn’t want to dip their tips in Mormon virgin powder. No, we’re not making drug references. It just came out that way. In any event, Park City is sad-sad-sad that they, the most liberal part of Utah, are the one’s who bear the brunt of gay-anger at the Mormon Church. Perhaps they can sell the unused ski passes on Craigslist. It seems like a popular place for those kind of ads.

See, that’s a drug reference.

The Park City Record reports on the gay perspective of the story, saying that:

“One of the ski week’s organizers, John Harriot, a bisexual who lives in West Hollywood, Calif., said six people had registered for the trip. Approximately 50 would have signed up beforehand in a typical year, and 150 or so people would have attended. The ski week was canceled on Jan. 2. He estimates 20 people from the group might have ended up visiting Park City last week anyway, however.

“In the mind of the boycott organizers, the Mormon Church, basically, equals Utah,” Harriot said, describing that the group had “been treated well” during the past trips.

He acknowledged he was surprised the organizers were forced to cancel. He said he had expected attendance to drop by as much as 30 percent in 2009. He said the ski week could return to Park City in 2010. If people do not want to visit then, the organizers may move the event elsewhere, he said.

Had the full group traveled to Park City, Harriot estimated the visitors would have spent between $125,000 and $150,000 on lodging, lift tickets, meals and entertainment. An online itinerary for the canceled ski week lists days at each of the three local mountain resorts, organized lunches and dinners, nightlife options and a Saturday night party.

“The boycott worked and there was not enough people to do the group,” Harriot said.

The skiers had planned an evening at Kristauf’s Martini Bar on lower Main Street, where owner Lisa Christoffersen said they had stopped in during the 2008 trip. She said they probably would have spent a “couple grand” at Kristauf’s this year.

“To me, that would provide my payroll for two weeks” and pay several utility bills, she said, adding, “They spend well and they tip well. It’s a big boost for everyone.”

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  • Wolf


    Whiel all of Utah may NOT Equal Mormon a majority of it DOES and any GAY Money spent that goes into ANY paracticing Mormon’s pocket be it a Business owner or a Waiter 10 percent of that MUST be given to the Mormon Church and thus goes to support the Mormon Church and its Anti-Gay Agenda. If the people of Utah and Park City want Gay Money they should realize that ANY money that goes to the Mormon Church in anyway is used against us.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I heard there were tumbleweeds covered in snow blowing down main street Park City, Utah. Hollywood doesn’t want a “downer” event so expect those awards where the winner never claims it in person and no-one wants to be photographed in the Great State of Bigotry (and secretly plotting to “Take Over The Whole World” like the Brain in Pinky and the Brain) and the LDS!

    “We’ll just hold this award for Kate Winslet who couldn’t thank us enough to actually BE here!” accepted by unknown child-star.

    Notes on Pinky and the Brain (a cartoon strangely similar to W and Cheney) from IMdb:

    Pinky and the Brain are two laboratory mice living at Acme Labs whose genes have been spliced. The Brain is a genius, whereas Pinky is quite insane. Before each night is done they will unfurl a plan before the dawning of the sun to take over the world. Their twilight campaign is easy to explain: In order to prove their mousy worth they’ll overthrow the Earth.

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