Utah governor responds to criticism his name is “obscene” and should be changed

Gov. Spencer Cox of Utah
Gov. Spencer Cox of Utah (Photo: Public Domain)

You’d think that after leaving the school playground, the Governor of Utah would not expect too much grief over his surname. However, Spencer Cox (R) revealed recently that some people still have an issue with it.

He posted a photo to Twitter of a letter he received last week from someone who thought his name “obscene.”

“I do not know if you know this, but when people say your surname it sounds like the word cock. It’s obscene! Us decent people here in Utah will not stand for it,” the letter-writer began.

“Because of your reluctance to change your foul, dirty and obscene surname myself and thousands of other Utahns will be sitting in protest, not standing, until you change your heinous surname to something less offensive.”

They concluded, “This is not a communist dictatorship … We do not accept sick jokes to run rampant in our civil institutions.”

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Cox captioned his Tweet: “Really grateful for the criticism and constructive feedback I get from constituents that demand I…

*checks notes*

…change my name?”

At the time of writing, his tweet has had over 10k likes and over a thousand retweets. Many responded to say that the letter must be a joke, but Cox said members of his staff believed it to be serious.

A would-be, independent congressman from California, who shares the same name, said he’d had similar correspondence.

Others debated a name change.

One might think that Spencer Cox was new to politics to provoke this sudden ire. However, although elected Governor last year, he served as lieutenant governor since 2013 and was elected to the House of Representatives in 2012.

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