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Utah Man Is Allegedly Knocked Out, Almost Force-Fed Bleach, And Wakes To Find “Die Fag” Carved Into His Arms

RickJones12“Working through this has been a roller coaster,” says Rick Jones, a 22-year-old Utah native who was robbed on the evening of Saturday, April 25. According to Jones, the culprit tried to make him drink bleach, knocked him unconscious, and carved the words “Die Fag” into his arms.

The 22-year-old owner of Grand Central Pizzeria and Grille in Delta, Utah, was closing up shop for the night when an unknown assailant grabbed him by the head and slammed him against the wall. “I remember waking up and I was lying on the floor,” he says. “Somebody was on my chest and legs and they were trying to force me to drink bleach.”

He returned to consciousness with a concussion and found that medical teams were already attending to his wounds. $1,300 had been stolen from the premises. Released by the hospital the next morning, Jones returned home to find the words “Die Fag” spray-painted on the garage door of his family home. Later that week, a Molotov cocktail was hurtled through Jones’ bedroom window. He put out the flames with a fire extinguisher before too much (physical) damage was done, only to find more graffiti spray-painted on the facade of his house: “You’ll Die. Burn Fag.”

As far as naming possible suspects, Jones — whose pizzeria continues to be plagued with bouts of vandalism and theft — is completely at a loss. Millard County police are similarly stumped, since Jones and his family are popular members of the community with no obvious enemies. The Utah Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with info that leads to the successful apprehension and prosecution of the perpetrators of the attack. Anyone with information should contact Lt. Morris Burton of the Millard County Sheriff’s Office at (435) 864-2755.

h/t: Gay Salt Lake

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