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  • Darth Paul

    That’s pretty awesome.

  • todd

    Even the Catholic Knights of Columbus donated $100,000 to fight against equality! I thought they were a service organization? Couldn’t they find hungry children to feed? WTF?

  • CitizenGeek

    Good point, Todd. Religion should be spending this money on doing, you know, RELIGIOUS things like helping the poor and stuff. But, of course, if they’re doing charity and other apparently Christian things, they wouldn’t have enough time to hate gays …

  • Adam

    The sad thing is… they probably view their donating money to this as charity and the christian thing to do.

  • John

    I think I’m pretty impressed that he stepped up to counteract this Mormon meddling in the civil society.

    I image the atmosphere/culture in Utah is pretty much like that of a totalitarian state, so he must be a man of courage. He is one of those rich men who will not have any trouble being invited into heaven.

  • Rikard

    Right on Bruce! The UT atmosphere is totalitarian, but the person on the street rarely knows what to do if you reject them. They just wander back to the flock in puzzlement. Then gossip about those different folks that just give them the shivers, eew.

  • emb

    Hooray. Now, those of us who can’t give $1Million need to get off our cute little bubble-butts and vote NO.

  • mark

    It saddens me to see the PRIESTHOOD of the LDS church acting SO HATEFUL towards LGBTs, my entire maternal side of my family are Mormon, in SLC and Vegas…and they respect and love me as openly gay ALL MY LIFE.

  • tallskin

    Hmmm, in my experience for every nice religious person, you get 10 who are unspeakably vile

  • chadnnocal

    How refreshing not to have to be ashamed of Utah. Bruce your an awesome guy.

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing is… they probably view their donating money to this as charity and the christian thing to do.

    No, the sad thing is that these hate groups masquerading as religions are tax-exempt.

  • andy_d

    So glad I have used WordPerfect since its inceptiobn. Glad the profits are going to a good cause!

  • Creoso

    It’s not that we hate the LGQT community, it’s that we love marriage. And we don’t want it redefined.

    I’m a mormon living in SF. I have a number of openly gay friends that I love and respect. Doesn’t change the fact that I’ll be voting ‘Yes’ on Prop 8. I don’t consider myself to be voting against my friends, but rather to be voting in favor of a divinely appointed institution that man should not change.

  • Dan

    I t is a good thing to fight against that concept of equality because men and woman are different regarding their purpose and objectives in live and get together and become “one” in flesh and in purpose as a family. On the contrary homosexuals behave against their nature and their purpose created by God. So that concept of equality is wrong in all possible ways!

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