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Utah State Rep. LaVar Christensen Doesn’t Even Want Gays Signing Legal Contracts With Their Partners

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell how seriously we need to take random bills introduced by state lawmakers, but the new one from Utah’s State Rep. LaVar Christensen is cause for concern. Revisiting a bill that failed to move in 2006, Christensen’s HB 182 would bar same-sex couples from making any contractual agreements in matters like wills and property. Why give this guy even a minute of your time? Because Christensen is the same guy who in 2004 introduced the state’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage — and drummed up the support to pass it. While Christensen’s bill would also have the effect of barring unmarried heterosexual couples from forming contracts, “at least” straights have the option to get married. Utah grants gay couples no legal recognition, making power of attorney and living will documents among the only ways we have to ensure our partners call the shots. The bill, Voiding Transactions Against Public Policy, would classify any such legal dealing as “an arrangement, agreement, or transaction that is illegal or against public policy to be void and unenforceable.” At least(?) Wyoming’s Gov Matt Mead, who supports state lawmakers’ move to ban any recognition of gay marriages or civil unions, wants queers to be able to use the courts to protect some of their rights.