Utah State Senator Chris Buttars on the Gays: “They’re the Meanest Buggers I Have Ever Seen”


Utah State Sen. Chris Buttars compares gay men to “radical Muslims” in a new documentary being created by Salt Lake City ABC-4 reporter Reed Cowan titled, 8: The Mormon Proposition. In interviews, Buttars says that gays and lesbians are the biggest threat to America and that we are inherently amoral, which, were it true, would be the one thing we would have in common with this deranged– and elected– politician. Much more offensive rhetoric after the jump.

ABC-4 has selected quotes from the upcoming documentary and alludes to one comment Buttars makes that they deem too offensive to print:

“Sen. Chris Buttars: “Homosexuality will always be a sexual perversion. And you say that around here now and everybody goes nuts. But I don’t care.”

“They’re mean. They want to talk about being nice. They’re the meanest buggers I have ever seen.”

And just seconds later, Buttars draws a comparison between some gays and radical Muslims.

“It’s just like the Muslims. Muslims are good people and their religion is anti-war. But it’s been taken over by the radical side.”

Buttars also claims he’s “killed” every gay rights bill in the legislature for the last 8 years.

He also talks about gay marriage being the beginning of the end.

Buttars: “What is the morals of a gay person? You can’t answer that because anything goes.”

And finally, this is how senator Buttars refers to the “radical gay movement.”

“They’re probably the greatest threat to America going down I know of.”

Now, in the interview, senator Buttars also talks about a certain type of reported gay sexual activity which he claims is taking place.

But ABC 4 does not consider that appropriate for its news content.”