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Utah’s Lesbian Rep. Christine Johnson Is Done With Lawmaking + Baby Making. Now, Equality

Certainly the Utah State House is going to miss Democratic Rep. Christine Johnson, the lesbian official who once snuck a gay poem onto the House floor, as she decamps to head up South Carolina’s leading LGBT equality group.

You’ll remember Johnson for carrying a child for two anonymous gay men. She gave birth this month! It’s a boy! And it’s biologically hers, although appropriately she’s maintaining only a “aunt-like relationship” with the child. (Johnson has an 18-year-old college-bound daughter of her own.)

So with that out of the way, Johnson is leaving Utah after serving four years as a legislator, where she pushed for the regular queer things, like anti-discrimination measures. (They never took.) She’s headed for South Carolina, where she’ll take the post of executive director of South Carolina Equality on July 1.

G’luck, lady!