V is for Very Confusing

Laurenca Wachowski

We ‘ve heard rumblings here and there but didn’t know much about this. But apparently Matrix and upcoming Natalie Portman actioner V is for Vendetta visionary Larry Wachowski is on his way to becoming a woman. And Warner Brothers doesn’t quite know what to do with him/her.

…execs at Warner Bros. – a very hot studio right now – are concerned that this time out, Larry Wachowski’s personal life is going to get big-time exposure.

The reclusive Ws, who hail from Chicago, do not give interviews. One reason is that Larry, according to some reports, is rumored to have changed genders in recent years.

Even if he hasn’t gone the complete “Transamerica” route – I hope he’s caught Felicity Huffman’s amazing performance – Larry has lots of other issues.

The “other issues” is that he’s left his wife for a dominatrix, but that’s a whole other story. We wonder what the legions of Matrix-geeks will think of their hero now that he’s more of a heroine? Yes that is a pic of a newly feminized Larry, who these days is apparently going by the name Laurenca.

And to top it off, our favorite (we use that term very loosely) female to male trannie, Buck Angel, also has a role in this saga.

This is the one and only time we’re ever going to quote Keanu Reeves: “whoa!”

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