VA High School Boy: I Was Suspended For Wearing High Heels And Being Gay

A gay Virginia high school students says he was suspended for three days because he wore high heels to school, NBC12 reports. The student, 17-year-old Asante Cotman, was told by the principal he was “disrupting” the school with his nontraditional attire.Said Cotman:

“I wore this jacket right here and my white shirt and my scarf and a pair of cargo pants and the heels. I didn’t see how it was bothering anyone. I wasn’t revealing nothing…

“[The principal was] talking to me in a manner, like, belittling me. ‘Oh, you shouldn’t come back here. Oh, we would be glad if you didn’t come back here. Everybody would be happy.’ That comment really got to me. I was almost done… I feel like I was about to kill myself. I was almost done.”

And we thought it was usually the other students who bullied each other—this time it’s the principal of Charles City High School, Stephannie Crutchfield. Cotman think he knows the real reason he got suspended—he’s the only openly gay male student in the school.

“They suspended me for being gay,” he said. “I’m missing a lot of classes. I’m missing classes that I need to graduate.”