VA House Puts Stamp Of Approval On Anti-Gay-Adoption Bill

gay_adoptionIt was highly disheartening when the Virginia Board of Social Services voted 5-1 last year to introduce discriminatory practices in adoption against gays, Democrats, Jews and geezers.

Even more disheartening was the fact that only the one brave dissenter would comment to Queerty about their decision. Bela Sood stated that, by discriminating, “we are creating barriers for children in establishing strong, stable attachments and a lifelong pattern of stability and belonging as soon as feasible.”

Now the state House has started the process of converting the board’s recommendations into law: It voted 71-28 to allow private adoption agencies to reject prospective parents who conflict with the agency’s religious or moral beliefs, including opposition to homosexuality, reports the AP. GOP governor Bob McDonnell is expected to sign the bill.

We said it before and we’ll say it again: this sucks.

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  • Cam

    Ok, let me start out that I LOVE that Queerty is bringing things like this to our attention.

    HOWEVER, in a post complaining about discrimination you may not want to label one of the groups you are supposedly defending! Gays, Democrats, Jews, and…Geezers?! Come on guys. give our elders a break! We’re all going to be there some day!

    As for the VA. board, they can go f-themselves. This is the same state that tried to pass a law preventing people of the same sex from contracting together. Of course it ended up backfiring because it messed with partnership contracts for things like Law firms and Medical companies. So not only are they bigots, they are also apparently stupid, and so worried about being bigots, that they don’t bother to actually think about the ramifications of the laws they want to impose.

  • Danny

    And they wonder why the rule of law ends in so much of the world. Virginia is a prime example. Politicians who violate the human rights of people bring an end to the rule of law.

  • Chad

    So if an adoption agency is state funded, they can refuse to let gay people adopt children if it’s against their religious belief? The death of seperation of church and state.

  • No-Obot

    The current make-up of the Virginia House of Delegates is 53 Republicans, 44 Democrats, 2 Independents, and 1 vacancy.

    Hmmmmmm….and yet the vote was “71-28 to allow private adoption agencies to reject prospective parents who conflict with the agency’s religious or moral beliefs, including opposition to homosexuality”. Soooooo, that means MORE THAN HALF of the Democrats joined with the Republicans in a purely homophobic hate vote.

    Interesting. …Yes, very interesting indeed.

  • Flick

    @No-Obot: They are probably blue-dog Democrats. Blue-dogs basically side with Republicans on most issues, and are only Democrats because they were so before the Democrats are Republicans basically reversed roles in the middle 20th century.

  • troy

    Go figure. I live in Va. The cops of Hanover County have destroyed my life by trying to kill me, putting guns to my head, arresting me repeatedly on B.S. charges. The governor did nothing, lawyers wouldn’t help. This state is anti gay on so many levels. I hope death comes quickly

  • Alex

    As someone who was disowned for coming out and had to live in a foster home this sickens me to my very core. Foster homes are horrible miserable places as is. Foster children don’t care if your green and have three heads. As long as you love them and provide them with support and opportunity to succeed.

  • Gay Bacon

    Social issues are why I vote Democrat, why I march Democrat, and why I stay active in politics.


    So let me get this str8t (pun intended), breeders get 2 keep breeding even if some of them are unfit 2 b parents. Some are abusive, neglectful, irresponible, mentally and financially unstable 2 raise children. There are ENOUGH children on this planet and people should be allowed 2 adopt regardless of sexual orientation. So sad that needy foster kids are denied the possibility of good homes. All because of homophobia and bigotry. I really wonder about the state of some people’s minds.

  • Karen Kalpin

    Tastey Goodies
    could not agree with you more~ I know whole TOWNS where the vast majority of the populous are………………… sub functional? for lack of a better term. I know SO MANY straight parents that just outright suck! Loveless marriages, children ignored, huge divorce rate – it breaks my heart that a sweet little kid from………. anywhere! could end up in the foster system – which sucks in both Canada and the States – instead of a loving home! I know many gay couples with kids (not adopted but from previous life of false heterosexuality but still……….) and their kids are the “gifted kids” my kid went to school with. Their kids are high achievers – family oriented kids with great futures ahead of them. I certainly CANNOT SAY THAT about ALL (or many) of my straight friends and their kids. Kids need loving homes. Period. Foster care should be avoided at all costs! No offense to the millions of wonderful foster parents out there but – foster (temporary home) or HAPPY COUPLE who WANT kids home? Not much thought required as to which is the better choice! I LOVE BEING CANADIAN <3

  • Crysta Lynn

    This needs to not only struck down as unconstitutional (separation of church and state) but also struck down as “not being in the childs best interest” which they preach about so much.

    Studies have proven, time and time again, that “same sex” familes tend to be more open, more loving, and just plain better for the kids. The main reason being, these couples CHOOSE to be parents. There ARE NOT “unwanted surprises” in their families. EVERY child in a “same sex” family, is very much wanted and appreciated!

    I can see them now, sending as many kids as they can into rich republican homes, to be homeschooled into thinking science is bumpkus, and Democrats are nothing but Domestic Terrorists hellbent on destroying America. They cant buy votes (Corporations are people my friends…) so they want to GROW votes… Republicans are the new “Matrix”!

  • Ron Crigger

    Well maybe it is time to boycott Virginia, it works, it has worked, pressure and national news will hurt Virginia tourism. Virginia is not for lovers, it’s for hate

  • David

    Every single idiot who voted AGAINST adoption needs to go out and adopt a child who would have benefited from passing the law instead of leaving them in the system!

  • Auditus

    Dear Fellow Defenders of Queer Rights:

    We thought your readers might be interested in responding to Michael Eden, the man behind the Start Thinking Right blog. Earlier this week he claimed that homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt children because, to his mind, they are predominantly pedophiles. Here is the link:

    My (blog) partner and I have been wagging a war of words with this man, but we felt your readers might like to offer him their thoughts as well.


  • zappa123

    Hey Cam I hear ya! I am a middle aged mom who has always despised slurs of any type -even when made in “jest” as words have power, etc. etc. we all know this.
    Just wanted to say that now that my own daugter is 21 years old (happens to consider herself hetero at this point) and is in theater basically all of her friends are young and gay.
    They use queer, fag, bitch etc. etc. to each other regularly – much as the black community feels comfortable using the “n” word which personally really bothers me.
    I get told all the time by the kids that it’s taking back the power and so on. I still struggle with hearing these slurs -and still won’t allow them in my presence – however I do have to give the respect (I guess?) that this is a very common thing – people ‘taking back the power’ by re-difining the way words are used.

    Even – a fav group of mine uses all of the words I taught my daughter not to use! re: Geezers! lol my mister is an older man, my mom is in her 70’s and while they absolutely experience ageism almost daily now = they both use the word “geezer’ jokingly about themselves and their friends.

    That’s all – just pointing out that though I feel the same way i think the authors of this article meant no disrespect to any group.

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