Val Demings once again showed she’s a total boss, in case anyone forgot

Rep. Val Demings gave one of her most impassioned campaign speeches yet at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens last night in the homestretch of her race for U.S. Senate against incumbent Sen. Marco Rubio.

President Biden was there to support the congresswoman, telling the crowd: “Imagine Chief Demings on the beat in the United States Senate,” referring to her former job as Orlando chief of police. “I can hardly wait.”

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Demings spoke for about 10 minutes on a range of issues–from her humble background as the daughter of a janitor and a maid to the rising cost of prescription drugs and healthcare in America. But it was her remarks about abortion rights that go the loudest response from the audience.

“Senator Rubio, I have a message for you,” she declared. “Rape is a crime. Incest is a crime. Abortion is not.”

Unlike Demings, Rubio opposes legal abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. In the past, he has said: “I believe all human life, irrespective of the circumstance in which it came into being, is worthy of protection.” Prior to Roe v. Wade being overturned in June, he called the landmark 1973 abortion rights decision a “historically, egregiously flawed decision” and “one of America’s most blatant instances of judicial activism.”

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When it comes to LGBTQ issues, Rubio is about as antigay as they come. In June, he voted against codifying same-sex marriage into federal law. He also opposes non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people as well as gender neutral bathrooms. And he voted against Pete Buttigieg being the first out Secretary of Transportation and Rachel Levin being the first openly trans assistant secretary for health. And he has a 0% rating with the HRC.

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Having Demings in the U.S. Senate would not only be a victory for Democrats, it would be a victory for LGBTQ people. The former-police-chief-turned-U.S.-congresswoman, who has been endorsed by HRC, is a longtime a champion for marginalized groups, especially LGBTQ people, Black people, and women.

Unfortunately, however, after climbing in the polls for months, she’s hit a bit of a roadblock in the final weeks of her campaign. FiveThirtyEight currently finds Rubio leading by 7.4 points. Of course, there’s still time for her to turn things around. The election is six days away and speeches like the one she gave last night should surely help.

Watch Demings’ full remarks below.

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