Val Kalende Lost Her Newspaper Job Because She Doesn’t Endorse Executing Gays

While the rest of the world’s media types complain about losing their jobs because of budget cuts, “Ugandan lesbian activist Val Kalende says she lost her newspaper job for her outspoken opposition to a proposed Uganda law that would impose life imprisonment and even the death penalty on gay people. She blames her country’s virulent homophobia on misunderstanding and a scheming president.” Silly Val: Laid off newspaper staffers should always blame blogs. (J/K: Val is awesome.)

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  • johndear

    She’s a brave woman. Oh and Kudos for covering activists in other countries.

  • So Over it!!

    A true hero!!!

  • bluenosedive

    Don’t give up sister. You have tons of sisters and brothers around the world.

  • GEW

    So, who’s offereing her a new job?

  • Eurasian Lynx

    She’s my hero! Being an outspoken woman with socially progressive views in a country like Uganda? THAT’S bravery.

  • drums

    This is true courage. It’s easy to take a stand when your life isn’t in danger, but to stick to her guns under circumstances such as those in Uganda is awe-inspiring. I hope someone recognises her bravery and gives her an even better job. (The pessimistic side of me adds “or at the very least I hope she gets to stay alive.”)

  • SG

    Very heroic considering what happens to gay activists in that country.

  • aMarySue

    I can’t believe you’re all being so grown up. Is no one going to join in with me pointing out how hot she is?

    Even if she does look like someone told her to ‘make a tragic, noble face’ just before this pic.


    Good job, hopefully she stays safe after all this media coverage.

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