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Valerie Bustros Jumped + Beaten For (Correctly) Using Women’s Bathroom While A Lesbian

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Valerie Bustros, an 24-year-old employee at the Underground Club and Restaurant at York University in Toronto, was attacked by a man (and two others) after going to use the bathroom while hanging out at a pub with co-workers. Bustros, who has brown hair cropped short, was told by the man she was using the wrong facility; she replied that she was indeed a woman, and a lesbian at that. But when she exited the bathroom, the man and his companions were waiting to beat her down.

The 24-year-old — whose curly black hair is short — told police a man told her she was in the wrong facility, then started cursing when she advised him of her female status and sexual orientation. Back in the hall, she was jumped by him and two companions. “We wrestled a little bit out in the hall and there were two other guys there,” Bustros told the Sun in a story published Saturday. “I just felt people hitting me and I remembered getting kicked in the face.” Pub staff rescued her and alerted campus security. Investigators believe the assailants are students.

Bustros, who fought back as they kicked and punched her, said she feels the emotional scars more than the leftover bumps and bruises. The attack has been tagged as a possible hate crime. Police described the wanted trio as brown-skinned and 20 to 30. One weighs about 140 pounds, has black hair and wore a black jacket plus blue jeans. The second is thin, with brown eyes and black hair, and was wearing a black coat and dark jeans. The third weighs about 160 pounds, has brown hair and wore dark jeans.

On Friday police released images of the suspects in hopes of soliciting information about their identities. Says Valerie: “Getting jumped for using the bathroom, yeah it sucks, and hopefully one day we won’t have to get jumped for that.”