Valleyprettyboy And His Rag

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It appears as if Clay Aiken has his own equivalent to Monica Lewinski’s jizz-stained blue dress; a cumrag. At first John Paulus, Clay’s hunky North Carolinian online hook-up, insisted he isn’t coming forward ($$) to hurt anyone’s reputation ($$). But his story ($$), cumrag and all, has now mysteriously ($$) ended up in The National Enquirer. We wonder what it was that changed his mind ($$).

Paulus tells the world that Clay doesn’t play safe:

“On Dec. 16, using the screen name of ‘valleyprettyboy,’ Clay sent me his first instant message,” Paulus claims.

He contends that, after a month’s correspondence, Clay admitted he wanted a “discreet bf.”
After arranging a meeting at a Quality Inn in Garner, N.C., Paulus says, “Clay told me his ex-lover was selfish and mean. And within five minutes he started to feel my arms and put his hands on my leg.

“We started to mess around and Clay said he wanted to have sex with me. Before I knew it, we were having unprotected sex.

Ok, so no one is surprised about the gay sex part. But we suggest that next time valleyprettyboy goes in search of a discrete “bf,” he check his million-album-selling risky butt into a classier hotel than the local Quality Inn.

Former Ranger claims he served as Aiken’s Claymate [NY Daily News]