Values Voter Summit Was The Usual Celebration of Homophobia

The Values Voter Summit took place this weekend in DC, and as usual it was a right-wing love fest. Lost in the heat of the Tea Party celebration of impending financial disaster and overall government dismantling was the homophobia that serves as a reminder that hating the LGBT community remains an integral part of the personality of a particular breed of conservative.

Among the uplifting moments of humanity on display:

The ever-reliable Brian Brown of NOM declared that marriage equality is “an attempt to deconstruct the very nature of reality, the very nature of what it means to be a human being.”

Star Parker, head of the right-wing Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, said that “enemies of God” are using marriage equality to “bring hostility into the public square.” Her advice to gay people: “Keep it private.”

Anti-abortion activity Ryan Bomberger compared homosexuality to kleptomania, while announcing that homophobia doesn’t exist.

American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios called the murder of Matthew Shepard “a complete fraud” as if Shepard were faking his own death.

And these are the minor lights. Big names were just as offiensive. Sen. Rand Paul, alleged libertarian, said that there was a “worldwide war on Christianity.” Ostensibly, he was talking about Islamic extremists, but the audience was primed to interpret the comment much more broadly (and don’t think Paul didn’t know it).

Well, you get the drift. No wonder that the number two vote getter in the Summit’s presidential straw poll was Ben Carlson, the Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon who has compared marriage equality to bestiality. That’s pretty much the level of the audience’s IQ.

Thanks to the folks at Right Wing Watch for sitting through the conference for these choice nuggets. They must have cast iron stomachs to put up with it.