Vancouver Forcing Children to Learn About Things Other Than Heterosexuality


Bill O’Reilly’s greatest fears are taking place in Canada: School children are being indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle through forced instruction about the gays.

Vancouver parents won’t be able to pull their kids out of classes where, ahem, “alternative” sexuality is discussed, according to a new directive from the Board of Education. Sure, religious beliefs are grounds to yank children out of health classes that get too graphic (though the material must then be learned at home), but no longer will parents be able to opt their kids out of, say, a history lesson about deceased lawmaker Dominic Agostino.

You can imagine who’s upset: “Edward Da Vita, a spokesman for the Catholic Civil Rights League, said he would prefer parents be able to pull their children out of any class containing controversial material. ‘The problem now is that controversial subject matter can be brought up any time, anywhere, and there is no reasonable alternative delivery available for that,’ he said. The league has long fought the policies. The ministry guidelines stem from a contract the government signed with gay activists Murray and Peter Corren. The couple launched a human-rights case against the government, which ended the lawsuit by signing an agreement to add teachings about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered issues to the provincial curriculum. Education Minister Shirley Bond sent a letter to school districts in the fall of 2006, stating that parents can only remove students from the health classes they object to.”