Vandals Prove Their Idiocy Once Again


Though any anti-gay vandalism is unjustifiable, this one from Oregon takes the cake. After an article appeared in the local paper honoring George Soule’s partner David Pennington who died of AIDS, vandals attacked Soule’s Sauvie Island home.

Two vehicles and a sedan were parked in the driveway when Soule returned home, Shults said. Spray paint on one of the pickup’s side windows, clearly visible to neighbors, referred to the death of Soule’s companion, he said.
The vandals, who forced their way into the home, would be subject to burglary, intimidation and criminal mischief charges, Shults said. Investigators are trying to determine whether anything was stolen.[…]
“It’s an outrage,” said neighbor Henry Willener. “George is a nice, kind, gentle person, and whoever did this deserves serious, serious time in jail.”

The article doesn’t say what the slurs spray painted on the vehicles were, but we’re assuming the worst. Let’s just hope the local officials charge these idiots with what the crime really is: a hate crime.

Anti-gay slurs left on Sauvie home [Oregonian]