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Vanessa Carlton joins us to talk *that* song, coming out, and the rightful comeback of bootcut jeans

It’s that time of the week! The latest installment of Queerty: The Podcast, our weekly breakdown of the biggest headlines of queer news and pop culture, is here and oh so queer.

Host Gabe González covers this week’s most chaotic news, including one California gubernatorial candidate whose own kids are iffy on supporting her, how Kathy Griffin may have helped two gay teenagers hold their bully accountable, and why historians are still obsessed with figuring out who made Shakespeare horny.

Plus, the one and only Vanessa Carlton joins Gabe to talk about *that* song from 2001, what it felt like to come out before knowing people could tweet about it, and the unique gig she’s said yes to since she can’t be on tour. And… a stirring defense of flare jeans!

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