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Vanessa Hudgens + Alexa Nikolas Kiss Each Other To Show How Grown Up And Naughty They Are

OH SNAP — Photos of former Disney princess Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) locking lips with Nickelodeon starlet Alexa Nikolas (of Zoey 101), who co-starred in Vanessa’s music video “Come Back To Me,” are totally not a cheap way to promote Alexa’s upcoming Miley Cyrus film LOL. [via NSFW]

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  • thedarkchariot

    I call boner lesbians. Fuck that noise.

  • sam

    This comes across as whorish and disrespectful to the GLBT community. This is why I loathe this type of behavior from females.

    Girls, you need to take a good look at yourselves. You’re doing an immense amount of damage to the GLBT cause by engaging in behavior which is fake and attention-seeking. We don’t want you in our movement. You’re trivializing our love.

  • alan brickman

    Very Katy Perry..and not in the nice way…but relax already!!!

  • Michael Letterman

    You queers are so easy to titillate the fact that these are two wholly straight females, with but a chaste kiss, they turn into some kind of a symbol for you or at the least fodder for your all to sad minds.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Michael Letterman: Oh lord, look what’s off its medications again.

  • Shannon1981

    I wish these fake lesbians/fake bisexuals would stop it with the antics. It minimizes and insults what those of us who are really gay or bi go through.
    @Michael Letterman: That kiss looks pretty hot to me. Nothing chaste about it.

  • Francis

    I wonder why ex-gays/self-loathers go on to a known gay blog just to insult the regular commenters. Like really, are you that desperate for self-validation? Losers.

    Anyway, I agree with the sentiment that these fake lesbians do more harm than good, because it basically gives off the attitude that lesbianism is all about turning men on, or kissing random girls like it’s somehow riskay, instead of the realness of what it actually means to be a lesbian. It makes it all about sex, and it’s not all about sex.

  • JT

    *yawn* more fake bisexual/lesbian women.

    They should go join more fake bisexual/lesbian women like Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Britney Spears, and Madonna.

  • EdWoody

    Call me when Zac does the same thing.

  • Randall

    Really? Who decided which bisexuals are fake?

  • Tiffany

    I don’t think that anyone is saying bisexuals are fake, but that fake bisexuals (people who are straight and do things like this for attention with the same sex) are the ones hurting the GLBT community.

  • j

    Two girls can’t kiss without “disrespecting” an entire community?? F*** off you glitterati posers.

  • Michael Letterman

    I find it utterly amusing that anyone can thing someone/thing can hurt the queer community more than the stories about rest stops, bathroom tapping codes, and all the other sickening, skin crawling stories that pepper the news about queers.

  • RJ

    No one’s saying two girls can’t kiss. It’s the intent behind it. If two girls who are straight are using lesbian imagery to titillate and gain attention for their upcoming movies, then yes, it’s disrespectful to gay people.

    @Michael Letterman: We’ve already established the fact that you have issues with gay people, so I’m just going to let your bigoted ramblings speak for itself.

  • Michael Letterman


    Why thank you kindly for your “permission” but I take offence at your term “bigot” am I also a “bigot” for having issues with divorce, adultry and out of wedlock sex?

    Would I be a bigot if I railed against the people who want to have sexual intercourse with animals? trees? children? Am I a bigot for having issues with any other sexual deviance? Or is it just my issue with queers that makes me a bigot.

    Based on some of the things I have read on this blog the most bigoted people on earth can come from both sides of the issues, so at least if you think I’m a bigot, I’m in good company.

    If two straight girls kiss, dispite their supposed intent, it should be no more disrespectful to queers then when queers post a picture of a partialy clothed straight man and drool over him as if he was a potential partner. If you lift every rock looking for insult, in time you will find insult under every rock.

    Oh and yes, my words do speak for themselves.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Michael Letterman: Yo, closet case. We know exactly who and what you are: a self-righteous, moralistic, judgmental homo who lashes out against civil rights for gay people because he can’t stand to look in the mirror and realize he is one.

    What I do is not a “sexual deviance.” It is also none of anyone’s damn business. The real deviance is a “straight’ guy who hates gay sex trolling on a gay blog.

    Back to the Stone Age with you.

  • Michael Letterman


    I am many things however closet case isn’t one of them. You know exactly what you are and I know exactly what I am. I am not self righteous as I don’t put myself above any others. I am moralistic as I believe morals are the root of any intelligent society, I am not passing judgement that is not for me to do. I am not a homosexual I am a heterosexual. Civil rights should not apply to your choice of bed partner it should apply to all equally. You don’t get special treatment because you are a pervert. And yes most of all what you do is a perversion of what is normal. It is not my business what you do behind your closed door when you take it to the streets, parade it in my town, or attempt to change the laws to give it “special status” then it damn well is my business.

    Look up deviance. Look up normal. Man/Woman is normal Man/any other thing both human and non, is however a deviation from what is normal. I’m sure as a child you were taught what is and isn’t normal and as you matured you deviated from this as is your right, however now do not try to say it is normal.

    I don’t hate gays. I in fact do not hate deviants in general however I will not allow them to change our legal system without putting up one heck of a fight. So far we’re doing pretty good.

  • Vanessa Hudgens Is Not A Rolemodel

    I find Vanessa Hudgens should be a role model and don’t take nude pictures of herself. I saw the whole uncensored set on and I can not believe that nobody is doing anything about it?

    What about all the children and teenagers that look up to her? She has a responsibility!

  • TheRealAdam

    @Michael Letterman: Get yourself some pills you sick bitch.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Michael Letterman: Look Junior, The “pervert” on here is the “straight” guy who, despite being really busy, enjoys trolling on gay blogs insulting people.

    I suggest you take TherealAdam’s advice. You think you’re making a difference in the world. You think you’re making profound points when all you offer is one tautology after another. You’re not changing minds – You’re just making an ass of yourself.

    I will not lower myself to reply to you again. Nor will i waste my time reading your drivel. I hope the other regular readers will do the same.

  • Michael Letterman

    You all can think what you want I said it before and it bears repeating. I am a proud member of my family, my community and my workplace as well as a respected member of my religious group. I am also proud of who and what I am. If you can say the same congradulations.

    However no one is trying to keep me and my wife from being together, no one finds our relationship to be distastefull. So while you have the right to sleep with whomever you choose. When you attempt to have special rights or laws it is no longer personal and we have and will continue to get involved.

    If you don’t like it well, that’s your right. But it is our right to continue.

  • Shannon1981

    @Michael Letterman: I tried to ignore you but I can’t. You are a pervert. I think it is beyond sick to be so obsessed with the sex lives of other people, especially people you claim to hate. Funny that you mention rest stops and bathrooms. Is that where you are before you come here to troll us? Seems you know an awful lot about such things for someone who supposedly stays as far away from queers as possible because we disgust you so much. Back to the glory holes with you. We all know that’s where you spend your spare time. The rest you spend here projecting your own self hatred onto us. You aren’t fooling anyone.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Shannon1981: re: Michael. It’s upset because its TIVO malfunctioned last night and didn’t record Glee. It planned to spend all day jerking off to the kiss scene but instead we got the honor of reading its bullshit. I do not want to be around when this one comes twirling out of the closet.

  • TheRealAdam

    @justiceontherocks: “Twirling?”

    More like kicking, screaming, and bludgeoning people out of that closet.

    @Shannon1981: I think he needs some sort of therapy, really. He’s obviously very uncomfortable with himself. You can tell by his comments that he’s a hot mess.

  • Michael Letterman

    LOL you attempt to insult me by calling me queer???? So let me get this straight, um being queer is a negative huh?

    I’ve never said I hated queers, in fact I don’t hate any group I dislike individuals on a case by case basis.

    However continue to insult me after all I disagree with you so of course you need get personal and negative since anything intelligent would clearly show me to be wrong. I applaud your obvious weakness and it continues to motivate me.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Michael Letterman: Hot, flaming, shitty mess. The fact that this thing keeps coming back to read and post proves it.

  • Shannon1981

    @justiceontherocks: LOL twirling!!! Classic. I bet he is frustrated because the pudgier he gets as he sits online eating cheetos and reading gay sites all day, the the smaller his dick gets. Must be too small to reach the other side of the glory holes by now, after all the time he spends here..

    He’s gotta let the frustration out somehow…and he does it by trolling sites with people he is jealous of.

  • justiceontherocks

    @TheRealAdam: But just ask him – he’s winning, he’s winning!!!

    Just like Charlie Sheen.

    I don’t know which I dislike more: a self-righteous bigot or an idiot who thinks he’s smart. With this Letterman clown I don’t have to choose. He’s both.

  • Shannon1981

    @TheRealAdam: I don’t think anyone can help him.Psychiatry works best when people realize they have a problem. He is too far gone to realize he has one; in fact he thinks we are all wrong and he is right. The delusions are quite sad. Maybe his wife could put him in a home. Sad, but I think that is where he belongs.

  • Jeffree

    If you keep responding to Miss “I love Gay Blogs” Letterman, it will keep coming back. Please feel free to goooogle its name to see it’s history on Queeerty. Add the term F.B.I to your search to confirm its deluded state.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Jeffree: Oh, but Jeffree! I WANT it to come back!

  • Jeffree

    @The(Probably)SaneFrancis: Yes, but there are so many *other* trolls who are more fun to play with! Have you met TheRealAdam? Jason? Max Campbell? Oprah? Daez?

  • TheRealAdam

    @Jeffree: So you are saying I’m Francis? Why would I do that to him? I actually like Francis.

    You, however, are trolling here. So try working against what you seem to hate so much and stop acting like such a dumbass, mmmmmk? Thanks.

  • Jeffree

    @TheRealAdam: No, of course you’re not trolling. You were the target of a troll, for reasons I can’t explain. You & Francis took heat from people who pretended to be both of you.

    To take on someone else’s identity, that ‘s neither right nor correct nor fair. We have enough foes (in common) in the world who seek to destroy us, as it is. No need to tear each other apart based on semantics,

  • GeriHew

    Q. Really? Who decided which bisexuals are fake?

    A. The Gay & Lesbian Mafia decide this because obviously bisexuals are too confused to be able to decide anything for themselves.

  • GeriHew

    @Michael Letterman: Welcome to the Gay & Lesbian Mafia sir.

    How do you know they “are two wholly straight females” ?

  • Michael Letterman

    ROFL thank you all, while my co-workers, friends and group members call your kind, fag, homo’s, and some terms I’m loathe to even type, I only use the terms you yourself use. Queer as in Queerty, I have used fag and homo but stopped as I feel they are derogattory and this isn’t about what you are, it’s about what you do and the laws you attempt to change and the public personna presented by you all.

    But when you use such vicious terms to describe me, a person you’ve never met (for the most part) I see clearly that you are no better than the common pervert. Arrest any man/woman for a perverted act and they too will call me any name in the book to try and bring me down to their level. I see this is your tactic as well. Not a scrap of intelligent debate in the lot of you. And no more decency than the memebers of your group who pepper the news with their low deeds, if not in act then in spirit.

    So I welcome your insults, you call me a fag, well then what are you? And yet at the end of the day one of us lays down with their long time wife so I can depend on her to convince me of my manhood that was never your job to begin with.

  • Jai

    “And yet at the end of the day one of us lays down with their long time wife so I can depend on her to convince me of my manhood that was never your job to begin with.”

    First off, the fact you need a woman to convince you of your manhood screams volumes of how insecure and pathetic you are.

    Second, a blow up doll does not equal an actual woman. Nice try though.

  • Michael Letterman

    Nice job of paraphrasing me. At no point did I say I “needed” a woman to do that what I said was I “had” a woman to do that so reading comprehension = 0 measly attempt at insult = 0 but nice try anyway.

    To equate my High School sweetheart, college sweetheart, wife of over 25 years and the woman that stood by me while I worked to make this country safer for all men and women, to a blow up doll speaks volumes to your lack of understanding and lack of civility then anything I could say about you. To stoop to such depths as to insult my wife just points out how despicable you are and screams volumes about your lack of decency. So even among deviants you single yourself out. For that I congratulate you.

  • kesha albrotinez

    @Michael Letterman: you are so cool you dont hate gay people you just disaree with the way they live and their sexual content. me being a girl just makes it harder because i am bi but man on man just is differnt but im trying to change

  • Michael Letterman

    I’m most certianly not “cool” I don’t hate anyone however I do dissagree with having someone’s, anyone’s lifestyle choice forced upon me. Be it upon my sight, or upon the laws of the land which I serve. I personally think most women in America are Bisexual bassed on what I’ve seen in my own life. I think this may be due to the way girls are socialized differently then boys. However as a Bi sexual you have a choice to make to whom you will have sex with. I can only hope you can live comfortably with the decision you make.

  • R gilmour

    @sam: yea but it’s really hot, speaking as a straight male

  • simple

    @Michael Letterman: Then you might want to leave America. If you don’t like other people’s living lives that you deem wrong in your “sight”, then you’re in the wrong country. They aren’t trying to change the law in a way that negatively affects you. They aren’t taking away your rights, they are asking for equal ones. You don’t get to choose who gets to have those equal righs, either.

    You, and you personally, do not get to choose what laws we must follow. If you feel a law is forced upon you, then leave. If you do not like looking at it, then close your eyes. I may hate Indians praying on their carpets for their rituals (not that I do, just an example). I have no right to order him to stop, as it is his right as an American citizen. And as we are American citizens, we have the rights that accompany us equally. As in “the laws and that you are allowed to enjoy must also be given to every other American citizen”. If you disagreee, bye bye, gay-hater.

    Maybe you should spend less time posting your worthless thoughts and more time doing research. Your views doesn’t equal fact. You don’t have to agree with their lifestyles. You don’t have to acept them. You do, however, have to let them live their lives the way they see fit, and accept that they have the right too. If you don’t like seeing gays holding hands in front of you, then you better make damn sure that you don’t hold hands with your wife in front of me. Equal rights, pussy.

  • simple

    @simple: Oh, and FYI, pick some better arguments. yes, you should rally against child molesters. They are harmful, and it is proven. But a grown man or woman can sleep with another consenting adult. THAT is normal.

    And please, check your definition of the word “bisexual” id you feel it’s a choice.

  • Rebecca

    Straight women kissing… check. They’re not even turned on by the kiss… check. Publicity stunt… check.

  • Michael Letterman

    I’d thought this site was gone for good. Oh well, back into the fray it seems.

    How about I stay in America along with all the other normal non-degenerate people and those who want to act perversely can leave. I don’t recall anywhere in the founding father’s documents any statement regarding the right to commit sodomy. There are lots of countries that think sodomy is fine, I’m just keeping America from becoming another.

  • Michael Letterman

    OH and btw there is something wrong with your definition of “normal” you seem to be streching it to an absurd degree.

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