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VA’s Del. Bob Marshall: Repealing DADT Puts America’s Facebook Status With Muslim Allies In Jeopardy


Virgina’s State Del. Bob Marshall is pretty much the only guy who actually cares about what Muslims think of America around the world, DIDN’T YOU KNOW? This is why Marshall, who wants sexually active homosexuals banned from military service, knows that once Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is repealed, American alliances with Muslim troops are going to be put in jeopardy!

“[W]e’re pushing the envelope here and we’re going to jeopardize our alliances, I think, when we fight beside Muslim troops who have a real hard time, you know, dealing with this kind of behavior,” Marshall tells Virginia’s CBS 6 News in an even toned manner, so you know he’s not just some crazy.

See, the next time America enters a war zone with troops from Pakistan and Iran (and that will happen when…?), those Muslims are totally going to throw us gays in front of enemy fire. To say nothing of Muslims currently serving in America’s military! Which Marshall, uh, doesn’t address. He just doesn’t want to see Iraq change its Facebook status with America from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated.” As if the gays had that sort of power.


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  • Gayrab

    I’m (a proud) queer muslim and I have no issues with “that kind of behavior.” I do, however, have issues with an imperial army that has invaded countries and killed hundreds of thousands of people based on lies.

  • Mountainword

    The last time I checked, this country was still governed by the will of the people, not by the will of the Muslims in the Middle East. It’s not our fault that their countries are much less civilized and sophisticated. Maybe if they quit killing their gay people and actually respected them for who they are, then their countries would have more beauty and love.

    But what can you say to someone who is such a fuckin’ idiot as this douchebag? Ugh…

  • Marc

    @Gayrab: I have wonderful muslim friends, gay and straight. The gentleman here also seems a bit ignorant of India – is he not familiar with Hinduism? How stupid this man…….

  • Mike in Asheville

    So says the chicken hawk who NEVER served in the military.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    How about just saying something like this:

    All the men and women who volunteer for service in the US armed forces wear the same American Flag lapel on their shoulder. That symbol should reassure any of our allies that our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines will act in a professional manner and uphold the fine tradition of honorable service the American armed forces have established over the years. It should also serve as a warning to all foes that the full support and might of the United States stands with each and every one of those soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines regardless of any individually distinguishing characteristic.

    I would love to hear a statement like this from one of our leaders, Democrat or Republican.

  • Red Meat

    I don’t think we ever accepted each others friend request to begin with.

  • Tommy M.

    I am confused. I totally agree with what Marshall said, he listed a bunch of facts about the number of countries that have and do not have openly gay members serving, and the fact the countries that do were forced to by court decision (Talk about tyranny!). I don’t think it’s a farfetched conclusion to say that those countries that are governed mostly by Islam, whom outlaw homosexual sex, would be okay with dealing with our military. That’s just a good point.

  • Kevin

    Most Muslims are more than capable of accepting that different cultures follow different rules. They don’t mind interacting with American women in positions of authority even though they would never accept putting their own women in such a position. They’ll deal just fine.

  • Francis

    So sorry for this fool, people. Unfortunately, a lot of Virginians (basically everyone not in Richmond/surrounding areas or NVA) probably will agree with this fool.

    As Mountainword put it, this is the United States. We don’t dictate our rules on what Iran or Iraq wants from us. Why do it on this situation? Why do people like Bob Marshall all of a sudden care about what the people they are fighting against think? Or care what the same people who individuals like him condemn think?

    Oh, yeah. In the eyes of a Republican bigot, even a Muslim is ahead on the totem poll over GLBT citizens. Also, his anti-Muslim beliefs are obvious, too. He thinks that they can’t be civilized or the would break friendships, solely because of gay troops.

    Basically all other civilized countries allow gay troops, and there isn’t any issue. That’s all it comes down to. Bob Marshall and those like him are speaking from positions of fear only.

  • Blackmattachine

    Well, you sure don’t want to do anything that the Pakistanis and the Chinese and the Russians don’t do. And, while you’re at it, get those women out, too. And Blacks. And, any unsaved Christians, too. Maybe Hitler was onto something.

  • Joe

    Geezus people, its Virginia!!! What else do you expect? I mean, look at the bottom of the screen. The local CBS television station lets its god-fearing populace know that church services are being canceled for the evening. In Virginia, apparently, you can get local church updates as if they were weather broadcasts.

  • DeGuyz in Mississippi

    Coming from a “bible belt” state that shines knowing they had one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country, and may still be in the running for first or second place, and left their HIV+ inmates secluded in the notorious unit 32 at Mississippi’s state prison living in unconstitutional conditions until the ACLU stepped in.( ) One of the poorest states in the country with their hand always out for every dime from the federal government while their poor and unhealthy starve and die. It makes you wonder, is it really Gods work? I think they all hide behind the same things for the same reasons.

  • Lerro LeHezal

    There’s nothing that a Mushroom Cloud hanging over Mecca won’t take care of as far as Pride goes; if ONLY the Cloud will burn piping-hot for the next 75-years!!! That should make any normal male, non-raghead, and a proud surviver of 9-Eleven, feel even more so.

  • Mirza

    @Lerro LeHezal:
    there is nothing Islamic about what happened on 9/11. this was pure barbarism. Islam had nothing to do with it. now i wont stop u if u said that it was the fault of the mislead or misguided arabs of saudi and afganistan. i’m not justifying wut they did. but to rub it on Islam is not right. these terrorists r the cause of such havoc today. they have misunderstood the words of the quran and have spoiled Islam’s image. islam has always been a faith of tolerance. In fact, the english meaning of the arabic word Islam itself means peace. so b4 u know the whole idea, don’t go around spreading the wrong word. the arabs were barbaric. that’s y all the 3 faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam came to this area to civilize these barbaric ppl. but off course there will always be that bunch that revolts against what is right and carries out wrong acts in the name of the right thing. also to blame all the arabs is also a wrong thing. its only that bunch that needs to be blamed for the worldly problems we all as human beings face today…

  • FlameoftheWest

    “They don’t want to serve under these conditions” What conditions is he talking about?

    Is he talking about the condition of your friend and fellow marine of 10 years who saved your life and the lives of many fellow soldiers coming up to you one day and saying “Hey Bob I’m attracted to guys”.

  • c.sparks

    I cannot believe half you idoits still think the muslims did 9/11.. sMH REad a book.. or for you idiots that dont know how to REadd ( about 97 %) of you .. 9/11 is scientifically impossible. COME on i bet half you dont know but 3 bulidings fell that day not 2.. google search building 7.. you will see what i mean..

  • ewe

    Not repealing DADT will make American gay men and women start hating American policy more than they already do. No one should be preaching about equality in this country when it doesn’t exist. I don’t give a shit what religious people think of me.

  • ewe

    @c.sparks: Thank you Rosie. That’s old news. Do you have anything new to add? How can three buildings that you admit fell be scientifically impossible? That is exactly what you wrote. Did you want to let me and everyone else know which one of those fundamentalists were Buddhist because i have yet to be informed of any fact pertaining to that.

  • GetBalance

    This guy based his lack of unit cohesion reasoning on 1993 data, how unresearched and unapplicable can this dude be? What an obvious flop of a debatable subject! Just another stat that dying dinosaurs still have a heartbeat.

  • mcm

    @Mountainword: HAHAHA wow and it’s your country where young gay teens and other teens accused of being gay are killing themselves. Less sophisticated you say? My big brother went to school in India then did his Masters at Columbia and I’m an undergraduate at LSE in England, so before you go off like we grew up with dirt roads, starvation and no education, THINK AGAIN.

  • Cam

    @Tommy M.: said…

    and the fact the countries that do were forced to by court decision (Talk about tyranny!). ”

    You do realize that it was the courts that forced America to integrate our schools and to enforce voting for blacks…was that tyranny also?

    And lastly,

    These same countries like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan do not permit women to go out with their faces uncovered. Why isn’t this guy also stating that women should be kicked out of our military…because after all….how are our brave allies going to dare fight with us if we have a bunch of uncovered women in our military?

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