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VA’s Del. Bob Marshall: Repealing DADT Puts America’s Facebook Status With Muslim Allies In Jeopardy


Virgina’s State Del. Bob Marshall is pretty much the only guy who actually cares about what Muslims think of America around the world, DIDN’T YOU KNOW? This is why Marshall, who wants sexually active homosexuals banned from military service, knows that once Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is repealed, American alliances with Muslim troops are going to be put in jeopardy!

“[W]e’re pushing the envelope here and we’re going to jeopardize our alliances, I think, when we fight beside Muslim troops who have a real hard time, you know, dealing with this kind of behavior,” Marshall tells Virginia’s CBS 6 News in an even toned manner, so you know he’s not just some crazy.

See, the next time America enters a war zone with troops from Pakistan and Iran (and that will happen when…?), those Muslims are totally going to throw us gays in front of enemy fire. To say nothing of Muslims currently serving in America’s military! Which Marshall, uh, doesn’t address. He just doesn’t want to see Iraq change its Facebook status with America from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated.” As if the gays had that sort of power.


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