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Vatican ‘Clarifies’: Gayness Responsible for Just Half-ish of Priest Sex Scandals

“On Tuesday, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi questioned [Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone’s] decision to discuss the matter, but also detailed its ‘statistical data’ on the abuse of minors by priests. ‘Church authorities do not consider it their responsibility to make general statements of a specifically physiological or medical character, which is why they naturally refer back to experts’ study and ongoing research on the subject,’ he said. According to the satistical [sic] data collected by the Congregation for the Doctrine the Faith, ‘about 10% of cases were paedophilia in the strict sense, while 90% were cases of ephebophilia [i.e towards adolescents]’, he added. ‘Of these approximately 60% referred to individuals of the same sex and 30% of heterosexual character.'” That means 54 percent of all cases were of the same-sex variety. Happy now? [BBC]

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