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Vatican Criminalizes Leaks To Prevent Future Stories About Its Gay Cabal

In a belated effort to close its barn door after the horses have not only escaped but ran down innocent people, the Vatican is instituting a bunch of new laws, including laws that criminalize leaking information. The specific impetus for the anti-leak legislation involves the case of Pope Benedict XVI’s butler, who turned over 300 pages of papal documents to a journalist. The resulitng explosive book detailed the existence of faction of priests in the Vatican “united by sexual orientation,” some of whom were being blackmailed. The priests were having trysts in multiple locations, including a villa, a sauna and a beauty parlor. The leaks were considered so damaging to Benedict that they were cited as a potential reason for his decision to retire as pope. 

The speed with which the new law was introduced underscores the seriousness of the leaks. Under the new law, leaking information that harms the “fundamental interests” of the Holy See is punishable by up to eight years in prison. (The butler who leaked the documents was sentenced to 18 months, but Benedict commuted his sentence.) Up to now, the Vatican has been fine with its existing legal structure, which is based on 1889 Italian penal code. After all, why rush into things?

In the same vein, but even worse, the Vatican is also getting around to criminalizing sexual violence against children, including child pornography and sexual acts with underage minors. The Vatican insists that such actions were always illegal, but just not specified in the law. Notably, the Vatican didn’t criminalize covering up for priests who engage in that activity. If that was the case, all of Vatican City would have to be a prison.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    This Catholic Church Cult is dirty from the front doors to the back porch! I have a Catholic friend who has not been in touch with me for 8 months, probably because so much dirty laundry has been hung out to dry and still looks like it missed the wash. How DO these hierarchical types live with each other??

  • MikeE

    Dear Queerty, I understand people making typos in the comments section. There is no “go back and edit” feature here, so we have to be pretty quick to catch our mistakes.

    But surely, those who write articles for Queerty have at least access to the most basic of grammar and spell check utilities on their computers?

    “have not only escaped but RUN down innocent people”, and a few typos as well. To be perfectly frank, it’s embarrassing.

  • Kenover

    Queerty really does need to hire a proofreader if you aspire to any sort of journalistic respect. This article, like many, is riddled with grammar errors and misspellings that even spell check would catch.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    The butler brought the Pope down. The mouse that roared. Why his sentence was commuted? Why do they have such a huge following, when they’re so clearly unworthy?

  • Eiswirth

    The Vatican…so Christ-like in its behavior. Sixteen years of Catholic education has taught me enough to recognize sin and evil when I see it, and the Vatican reeks of both. I want nothing to do with any religion.

  • Eiswirth

    @Kenover: Hey: I’m a proofreader. I’ll do it for free, or maybe a copy of the movies you promote or memberships in the sites whose scenes are promoted here.

  • Harley

    I was at the vatican on vacation years ago and felt like I was in a Liberace fever dream. I thought ” How can these men NOT be gay. “

  • petensfo

    Does the teeny tiny nation of the Vatican have an extradition treaty w/ Italy or any other nation?

    What would stop a person from simply stepping outside the doors of the city and telling all they know without consequence?

    It seems silly… do they think they’re Oprah now; having every employee sign lifetime confidentiality agreements?! Sure, your house is a bit gaudy, but you are no Oprah!!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    “Liberace fever dream.” Harley, this an exquisite description of the vatican.

  • Kieran

    So now the Vatican wants to criminalize leaks? Who do they think they are, the US government?

  • KylieA

    @petensfo: The Vatican is so small it has no police and no prisons. The Italian police do all the dirty work(enforce the laws) in the Vatican. I would assume you need to get outside of Italy to avoid extradition.

  • 2eo

    If they outlaw paedophilia then what will the majority of the vatican do?, they’ll all be in jail.

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