More God-Esque Than Media

Vatican Spoiled Gay Sit Down

Bishop Franco Agostinelli wants you to think the media attention made his cancel his meeting with gay group Aricay. It seems, however, he may be – how do we put this nicely? – full of shit.

Catholic World News reports that Vatican officials pressured Agostinelli to pull out of what would be a historic conference with the queers. We suppose the media’s not as powerful as we’d like to think – tear.

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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Catholic biographers have stated clearly the metamorphosis of Father Josef Ratzinger – a liberal under John XXIII – a moderate under Paul VI – and then as bishop and cardinal an ultraconservative under John Paul II. Now the man is Benedict XVI and his response is clearly that of a man who hates himself and his psychosexual orientation….even if, in his seventh to eighth decades….he no longer has psychosexual attachments.

    In order to save what remains of observant Catholic populations, the paedophile scandal must be solved by scapegoating gays and lesbian laypersons and clergy and religious.

    Ratzinger has designer cassocks and Prada wear. JPII was such a homophobe but maybe the first heterosexual since Roncalli.

    Gay observers say that Pius XII (Pacelli) and Paul VI (Montini) were psychosexually gay, if celibate or active….and many say the latter in their younger days and some throughout their lifetimes.

  • MeYeZone

    What’s with pope-daddy’s hat? Has he swapped milliners with QEII? Did his underlings lie (isn’t that a sin?) and tell him that he doesn’t look queer in that hat? Oy.

  • DavidDust

    Girl is WORKING that hat!

  • ggreen

    Don’t forget this pope denies help to the poor so he can wear ermine, large jewels and parade around in Prada.

  • nn

    She looks like a nasty old queen to me.

  • tkcgardener

    Isn’t it more than rumor that Papa Rat has been partnered with his “personal assistant” for decades?

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