Venus D Lite Goes Off on Bianca Del Rio After an Episode of "Really Queen?"

Venus D Lite, a former contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race who was eliminated first during season 3, is mad at Bianca Del Rio, really mad.

Yesterday, World of Wonder Productions released an episode of “Really Queen?” on their YouTube channel in which Bianca uses her hate comedy to bash on Venus. Watch that episode below and then scroll down to read Venus’ long Facebook response message.”

Following the Video, Venus took to Facebook with this response:

[quote]So Bianca Del Rio doesn’t know who Venus D Lite is? Really? Who wastes their time making videos about people they supposedly don’t know? Well, fortunately, darling, I know who you are and your so-called drag look that you describe “as a cross between Joan Crawford and Bozo the Clown.” Really? That’s worse than anything you said about me in your “Really Queen” video. Sounds like girlfriend got a crush on this Queen. I mean, Really. I’m flattered but no thanks. If you were just a little more Joan and a little less Bozo I might consider it. In any case, I loved the compilation of my admittedly brief but obviously memorable appearance on Season 3 of RPDR. Even the Madonna song title puns were kind of fun for awhile. But in case you’ve been under a rock (or a bag) for the past few years, I have been featured on not one, not two but 3 US reality shows since RPDR – including last season’s “Botched” with Janice Dickenson about my Madonna surgeries (mine was the only one that WASN’T Botched, by the way) and this season’s “My Strange Addiction” with Carlton Wilborn (hopefully you’ve heard of him, Madonna’s dancer from “Blond Amibition” and “Girlie Show” tours as well as starring in a minor little Madonna video called “Vogue.” Ever heard of it?) Well, anyway, he came on the show to help me work out some routines for my upcoming International Madonna Farewell Tour beginning later this spring and covering 5 continents so far. And while you’re having trouble remembering me, I’m being featured in TV interviews and major media publications all over the world because people want to know if I’m “really” retiring from being Madonna after the tour. Really? I heard you have a little tour coming up too. How sweet. Something about Hate, I think? A subject you are no doubt well versed in. It must have been hard growing up with a Bozo face like yours (your description, not mine). I guess that’s why you don’t have $65,000 to spend on surgery (it was $75K) nor $100K to spend on costumes. How sad for you. I’d offer you my hand-me-downs but I’d doubt they’d fit. No, you keep working that Bozo/Joan angle and we’ll see by the end of the year who is more memorable. I’m off to another international interview for my global fans. And if you still don’t remember me, check me out this summer on “Skin Wars” Really!”[/quote]

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 contestant Detox even shared the post and added, “Girl…..this is the fool right here. I’ma just sit this here so y’all can get the giggle I got. Mess.”

And to that we say, “Really Queen?!” This is Bianca Del Rio we’re talkin’ about here! You know she didn’t really mean any of the things she said in the video, that’s just the type of comedy she is known for. #DontTakeItPersonally

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