Vermont Frat Involved In Really Boring Hazing Scandal

07.jpegThe Phi Gamma Delta fraternity of the University of Vermont has been accused of “hazing” pledges by trying to embarrass them, Brokeback Mountain-style, making them wear cowboy outfits and calling them anti-gay names.

While we hate to learn of any person, let alone an entire organization, using homophobic slurs as a form of insult, we find it much more criminal that all they made the pledges do was dress up in cowboy clothes and withstand the torture of name-calling. Is that the best they can do?! We’re more creative when we bring home tricks. And we don’t care about brotherhood and all that, we’re just using those guys for the night. One would think frat brothers bonding for life would put a little more thought into it.

Each offending fratter must pay $1,000 in fines. But in their statement, a Phi Gamma Delta spokesperson denies “homosexual remarks and heavy drinking” occurred at the party. Which may explain why the boys were so bored, they had to start picking on the pledges. The stringent response is a result of a 1999 anti-hazing scandal involving members of the UVM hockey team, where guys had to do the whole “elephant walk” thing, where they all bend over, reach between the legs of the guy in front of them and grab the guy’s nuts and bolts. Now THAT is hazing. Ah, the good ol’ days. Best of luck, Vermont.

Vt. Fraternity Members Face Hazing Fines
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