Vermont Governor Vetoes Marriage Bill, Six Needed to Overide

farm-lawVermont governor Gov. Jim Douglas has vetoed a same-sex marriage bill approved by the state Legislature, saying it does not provide any more rights than under civil unions. The Senate will convene tomorrow morning to vote to override the veto. The override is expected to pass in the Senate, but the House is still an open question– six representatives are needed to reach the critical number needed to overturn Douglas’ veto

Trans lesbian Vermont blogger Bridget “Sei” McBride thinks it’s an achievable goal:

“While the final vote is six short of the critical hundred needed to override Governor Jim Douglas’ promised veto, that may not be an unobtainable goal. Speaker Smith is expected to vote for the override as he is a supporter of same-sex marriage. Two of the absent Representatives are also in favor of the bill, and two Democrats who have stated their opposition to the bill itself have announced that they will vote to override the veto. Their stated grounds are that Governor Douglas showed little respect for the legislative process when he made the decision to announce publically [sic] his intention to veto the bill even before it was put up for consideration.”