Vermont Governor Will Veto Same-Sex Marriage Bill

dougr_150Vermont Governor Jim Douglas has maintained that he opposes not only gay marriage, but the Vermont Legislature’s use of its time to debate and likely pass a marriage bill for same-sex couples. Today, in a press conference, he broke his normal policy of not openly speculating on whether he would veto a bill or not and told assembled reporters, “Because I believe that by removing any uncertainty from my decision we can move more quickly beyond this debate, I am announcing I intend to veto this legislation when it reaches my desk.”

Vermont Public Radio has audio of the announcement. Douglas says that he assumes leaders would not have put up the bill had they not been sure they could override his veto, which is true for the Senate, but an open question in the House.

Not an entirely unexpected announcement, but it’s infuriating to hear Douglas’ attitude that marriage equality is not a “real issue” and essentially a big waste of his and the government’s time. Somehow, we imagine that Vermont gays and lesbians aren’t going to take well to the Governor saying, “You don’t matter and we shouldn’t be paying attention to you, anyway.” It sounds like the Governor needs an education in the priorities and values of its citizens, right?