Vermont More Progressive Than California and New York

What could be more fabulous than the name of the Speaker of the House of the Vermont Legislature, Gaye Symington? We’ll tell you. It’s that Gaye, along with about 90 other Vermont lawmakers, has signed a letter asking Congress to extend to people in civil unions all federal legal and financial benefits heretofore reserved for married hets.

Gaye Symington

The benefits those Vermonters want given to civil union couples involve tax filing rights, inheritance rights and immigration law. By way of example, under current law if an American woman weds a man from Timbuktu, the Timbuktuian is eligible to become a U.S. citizen. If the same American woman enters into a civil union with a woman from Timbuktu, however, that female can barely order rocky road at a Baskin-Robbins without getting deported.

The Vermonters’ letter quotes our dear friend George W. Bush, who last year said he does not oppose states offering civil unions to same sex couples. For the record, Queerty does not oppose remedial education for Republican leaders. Those interested in the courses should know that you can only study “How to Respond to a Hurricane” after taking “How to Staff FEMA 101.” The Vermont letter is being given to out Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts so he can deliver it in gay person. If there are any Republicans not being indicted in Washington this week, we hope they give this letter its due consideration.