UVM Reluctantly Hosts Homophobic Activists

Vermont’s Gay Marriage Opponents Face Resistance

A group of anti-gay marriage activists appeared at University of Vermont this weekend – and they weren’t very welcome. The freshly formed Vermont Marriage Advisory Council wanted to spread their straight-laced message, but the left-leaning audience didn’t want to hear it.

“It’s nonsensical that marriage can’t have multiple meanings,” Paul Deslandes of Burlington told Stewart and Fagan. “That’s simply scare tactics.”

Responding to controversy on campus caused by the appearance of Cable’s group, UVM President Daniel Fogel issued a letter to the campus on Friday saying he had “deep empathy for those who are affronted by the ideas and positions opposing gay marriage,” but added that the university cannot “practice selective exclusion of certain points of view.”

Those points of view included Monte Stewart’s short-sighted assertion: “Marriage is a vital social institution. There’s a reason that marriage as an institution is virtually universal around the world.”