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VH1’s Transform Me Is Actually a Pretty Decent Makeover Show

Fine, so we are late in watching VH1’s new makeover show TRANSform Me, which premiered on Monday night. And it is better than Queer Eye and America’s Next Top Model put together (and then cut into thirds, and shared among friends).

With Laverne Cox, Jamie Clayton, and Nina Poon as your style experts (they put the “trans” in TRANSform Me), Monday’s debut (embedded in full above) introduces us to Nicole, who’s lost something like fifty pounds, and whose wardrobe is made up of fat clothes. We’ve sized up the show pretty quickly.

Things we love:

• They drive around in an ambulance — sorry, glambulance — with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.
• The show’s editors have ambulance sirens blaring through every scene change, because makeovers are emergencies!
• Their first stop is Mobile, Alabama — Laverne’s hometown, as well as homophobia’s.
• The whole novelty of transgender women hosting a makeover show lasts about five minutes, and then it’s on to the fashions, with just a few trans references thrown in here and there.
• Laverne is the star, and Jamie and Nina are the sidekicks. The formula works.
• Cracking down on glitter abuse.

Things we don’t love so much:

• The stupid purpose for the makeover (a night out with the girlfriends) is lacking, but that’s always the problem with makeover shows; the person getting the new look often has nowhere fabulous to go.
• Zooming in on eyebrows.

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  • Snottyboy

    I watched this last night, it really was a great show and much better than Queen Eye on Straight Pie.

  • jason

    Yet another stupid show that preys on women’s self-esteem issues. Pathetic! Women need to understand that true happiness doesn’t lie in make-up. Stop propping up the profits of the cosmetics companies, ladies.

    As for the trannies, they are equally pathetic. Stop sullying the GLBT cause with your frivolous antics. You’re simply subscribing to the appearance fascism of the cosmetics and fashion industries.

  • Snottyboy

    OUCH! Self loathing, anyone?

  • Richard

    @jason: “You’re simply subscribing to the appearance fascism of the cosmetics and fashion industries.”

    Emotions are stronger than politics. What’s wrong with someone enjoying makeup if it makes them feel good?

  • e

    I googled the show, saw your review, watched the show, and totally agree. Loooove it…but no more eyebrows please! :)


    The show was actually “OK”. These comments should not be about bashing the artists in the show and production though personal opinions are welcomed. What I’m trying to understand is why does the show need transgendered women to tell a genetically born woman how to act as a female? Aren’t there other shows out there that deals with this issue? Should girls/women need to look up to these t-women to build their confidence and self-esteem?

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