Vic Berger skewers vlogger Logan Paul’s apology for broadcasting suicide victim’s corpse on YouTube

Earlier this week, we told you about popular vlogger Logan Paul, who issued several apologies (of questionable sincerity) after one of his recent videos came under fire for including the corpse of a suicide victim.

Now, satirist Vic Berger has lent his considerable editing chops to a video that perfectly skewers the superficiality of Paul’s apologies (in under two minutes!)

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For those not familiar with the saga, Pall recently shared a video with his 15 million subscribers in which he pays a visit to Aokigahara, Japan’s notorious “suicide forest”.

“This is the most real vlog I’ve ever posted on this channel,” he says at the beginning of the vid. “I think this definitely marks a moment in YouTube history.”

Then he trains the camera on a corpse and laughs.

“Yo are you alive? Are you fu**king with us?” he asks, getting closer to the body and calling out the corpse’s purple hands.

He’s since deleted the vid and posted several apologies, including this one, which was first published on his YouTube page:

And here’s Berger’s take: