Vicar Who Preached Gays Destroy Marriage Fired For Cheating On His Wife

Martin_Howard_Vicar_MarriageIsn’t it time we all just admit that the institution of marriage has never been all that sanctimonious?

Ever since the creation of fidelity there has been infidelity. Simple as that.

And while commitment and loyalty are certainly powerful forces, the notion that we’re all meant to couple up and remain in the confines of a legally binding contract for the rest of our lives, never again to experience the sensation of sexual connection with anyone other than our “soul mate” is just absurd.

Which is why Reverend Martin Howard, the Vicar who preached that gays “ruin the sanctity of marriage” only to now be fired from his position when his affair with a married parishioner came to light, looks like even more of a jack-ass right now.

Because apparently being honest with ourselves and the people we love just isn’t an option. And we see this time after time after time.

Rather than have an adult conversation about the notions of sex, love, commitment and experience, people tend to preach one thing (in this case, literally preach it), then behave another way. And that other way happens to be if nothing else, real.

Misguided? Perhaps. Destructive? Maybe. But real nonetheless. And if people like the good Reverend had the emotional maturity to get past all the dogmatic bullshit and get to the heart of why he stepped outside the boundaries of his holy marriage in the first place, perhaps he might not be in the position he finds himself now.

Then again, he may have quit years ago instead.

h/t: Gay Star News